Why so restless? Why the need to move and to make?

Photos by Marc Wohling 2018

I’m an ethnoecologist, a musician and a movement teacher. I’ve been a surfer since my father first threw me into the ocean as a small boy. Bowl skating remains a guilty pleasure.

I’m interested in the history and culture of movement. I have a particular interest in how knowledge is transferred through tradition, how knowledge moves through a culture.

I’m interested in the relationship between movement, creativity and a meaningful life. I believe there is a strong correlation between movement and good mental health. By taking action, that first step, we open the door of possibility. I believe our increasingly sedentary lives have led to an existential crisis. Certainly the science is supporting this argument.

More broadly, I’m also interested in our relationship to landscape. I’m fascinated how different cultures (and subcultures) interpret, shape and respond to both the built and natural environment.

The desire to wander is genetically wired.

I like to look at the micro and the macro of movement, from detailed analysis of traditional forms and techniques to the sweep of global migration.

I think there’s a lot to learn from the study of these relationships.