Daily Movers: the South Beach Seals

I often head down to South Beach, in Fremantle in the early mornings for a quick swim and to greet the day. I often see a group of older people swimming, walking and running on the beach. They are always happy and laughing away with each other.

I saw these four fabulous women wading out waist deep, in the turquoise Indian Ocean waters.




We’re a group, what we do is we come down to South Beach and meet on Thursday mornings. We meet as a group. It used to be called the South Beach Seals.

We also come down on the weekends.

 We’re a part of it because we love the water and its social, a community and we love the chatting!

We’re all retired and you’ve got find something to do, to keep busy and replace work.

 Its evolved, we’ve been together since 2008.

There’s about 14 of us now.

And then we always go to the café and have coffee after.

If it’s stormy, too cold and raining sometimes we’ll just have coffee.

Mavis turns 80 next week!

Mary showing off her shirt.

Mary showing off her shirt.