Daily Movers: Ciara, the distance runner

I grew up in South Africa. I moved to Western Australia when I was about 13 years old and completed high school here. I had a really interesting childhood, we barely wore shoes and were outside all the time, all sorts of crazy things were happening.

I used to run long distance in South Africa. I did cross country and all of that type of running.

Ciara, taking a break from interval training, Scarborough Beach, Western Australia

Ciara, taking a break from interval training, Scarborough Beach, Western Australia

My Mum is an ultra marathon runner. She does the Comrades and Two Oceans marathons (89 and 56 km, held annually in South Africa) depending on what year it is. She said I could run a marathon with her if I can get up to her standard and we could run together. So basically I’m training for the Busselton marathon that is 42 km. Its in September/October so its pretty close. 

My Mum put me on a very strict schedule. I’m doing interval training three days a week and I do a certain amount of kilometres a week eventually leading up into the 30s. I’ve just started, so at the moment I run about 20km a week, a 12 and 8.

To do the interval training, I have a heart monitor and I need to get up to 94-95 bpm for 20 seconds each with only one minute in between which feels impossible! It has to be active rest because your heart rate can’t drop too far.

So you basically walk at a pace of about 60-70 for your heart rate and try to keep that up.

I do sets of ten: sprints then active rest.

I train on the beach because the sand makes you work harder and instead of being on a treadmill. 

Running has always been in my blood. My Mum has been a runner ever since I can remember. Whenever I talk to my friends its like, ‘oh, my Mum ran 89 kilometres…’. So it’s just this little thing that my Mum and I have always had, that we run together. 

 It would be really cool to get up to her standard.