Daily Movers: Motivation and friendship- Georgie and Kylie Part 1

G: We’re both out training long distance for May, for the half-ironman in Busselton. I’m lucky enough to be an ambassador for this event. I’m also training for my race in Geelong in two weeks -70.3. This is my final long ride and I needed a bit of company. Kylie has been very motivational, because I wasn’t feeing very well and you get really tired at the end of the training block and I was like, nah, I won’t do the intervals and she was like ‘just do one and see how you feel.’

Georgie (right) and Kylie.

Georgie (right) and Kylie.

G: Kylie had put out yesterday, is anyone riding? so I’d already committed to that, to at least get there. I didn’t want to let her down. 

K: I was ready to ride by myself but its much more fun to ride with someone else. For me it’s the same deal. If you know you have to meet someone you are more likely to turn up and do what you said you were going to do.

 G: I think you kind of just go into auto mode don’t you? 

K: You just spin and take it easy and get moving, seeing how you feel.

G: I think it’s that muscle memory thing, your body kind of knows and cycling is kind of meditative. You are doing the same thing over and over again.

K: We haven’t seen each other for ages so it’s a bit of a catchup.

G: You forget that you are riding and talk and then you realise, I’ve just done three intervals!

G: A sprint triathlon is a 500m swim, 20km ride and a 5km run. An Olympic distance is  a 1.5 swim, a 40km ride and a 10km run.

The Half Ironman is a 1.9km swim, 90km ride and a 21.1km run and the full is double that.

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