I’ve been practising movement-based exercise since I was 15. I was a curious young man and a restless seeker. I became fascinated with the martial arts, yoga and fitness training. I had many questions and went on to study everything from boxing and eskrima to Iyengar yoga and Chinese martial arts, even the training of contemporary dancers.

Its been a 40 year journey.

What have I learned so far?

Its not a mountain, its a mountain range...

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Marc Wohling

I was 18 when I taught my first class as a trainee teacher.

As I get older, I work to deepen my practise in both martial arts and yoga by maintaining the ‘beginner’s mind’.

I continue to research the science, culture and history of movement. I find the way humans move, interpret and interact with their environment fascinating.

I still practise every day and I always seem to learn something new.

This is very humbling.

In my classes, we do the work together.

I train with you, so you'll never feel like you’re practising alone.